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Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Animals

Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Animals

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Product Code: SHI297


Product Information

We are down to very limited quantities and will not be restocking this item. We still have a few other styles, such as a parrot, available on other pages-use search word "shining" to see them.

Russ. Shining Stars Collection. Make a wish upon a star! When you bring home a shining stars stuffed animal, you can make that wish on your very own star! Each shining stars is an adorable stuffed animal that comes with a secret! That secret is a special code that will take you to the stars! The code allows you to name your own star and gives you access to the shining stars web world.

Take a tour of the Shining Stars site!

The shining stars web world features:

*Star World - Choose the world you want your on-line shining star character to live in. Once you choose a world, you "buy" (with glow points) items for your shining star to fill up their space with.

*Shining Starcade - Play games for fun and to earn glow points!

*Star Wishes - Make a wish on your very own star for yourself, your friends and family!

*Star Makeover - Dress up and accessorize your on-line shining star character! Once you're done, you can save the picture in the gallery!

*Star Share - This area is really neat because it allows you to donate your glow points to the "Starlight Starbright" foundation. Or, you can send e-cards featuring the shining stars or download shining stars wallpaper and icons for your own computer.

*Star Flicks - Download movies using your glow points that the shining stars characters "star" in!

*Star Pod - Download songs using your glow points!

In addition to all of the above, buying a shining stars plush stuffed animal allows you to name your own star and have it registered with the International Star Registry! This means that your star name is officially recorded in book form with the United States Copyright office. This is usually at least a $50 value all on its own, and now it's accompanied by a cute plush - all for one fabulous price!

Pick out the constellation you want your star in and give it a name! Once you name your star, which includes being able to assign a special date to it, you can print out your star chart which shows you where to find it in the night sky. You can also choose from one of several designs to print out your official Shining Stars Certificate of Registration.

There are a variety of different shining stars plush stuffed animals to choose from! Take a look through all of the available shining stars - by clicking "more images" above - to see your options. Each shining star plush stuffed animal comes with a shooting star on their foot and a ribbon around their neck (except the dragon does not have a ribbon). Then, scroll down the "Style" list to select the special character you want to bring home!

Choose from:

Blue Bear (1 left), Poodle (1 left), cow (1 left).

Proceeds from shining stars plush stuffed animals are donated to the Starlight Starbright children's foundation. When you buy a shining star you are getting something wonderful for yourself or your someone special, but you are also helping out others. It doesn't get better then that!

Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Animals would make phenomenal gifts for a variety of occasions. Just imagine giving a new mom a pink or blue bear shining star and allowing her to name a star after her precious newborn!

Dimensions: 8" tall.

Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Animals are Surface Washable.

Shining Stars Plush Stuffed Animals are made with all new materials. Stuffed with polyester fiber and inner bagged plastic pellets.

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