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Most of us have loved a stuffed animal in our lives. A special friend that was given to us before we even had memories of the time. We cuddled with and hugged the stuffed animal when we couldn’t cuddle with and hug a loved one.

We cried on our stuffed animals and played with them. They were the ones we served tea to, or built a fort in our bedrooms with. Our stuffed animal friends got us through dark, scary nights in our bedrooms when the trees splashed spooky shadows on our walls.

Our stuffed animals went with us where Mom and Dad couldn’t, like to our first day of school or our first overnight sleepover. And while we grow up and usually don’t take them with us, a part of us will always remember our special friend.

We give our children and grandchildren stuffed animals because we remember the comfort they once brought us and we want to pass that feeling on. This is what makes stuffed animals timeless, ageless and simply classic. We will always enjoy the giving and receiving of a special stuffed animal because we know the joy and comfort they impart.

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